Financial Assistance Grants

Each year, the Council makes an allocation towards local community and sporting groups. These are then assessed during the Council's annual budget process. Please refer to the following Council policies which include the criteria for assessing applications.

Financial Assistance (Capital) to Organisations & Clubs

Financial Assistance (Operating) to Organisations, Clubs & Individuals

The Financial Assistance Grants Program for incorporated clubs and community organisations has now closed.


Council Policy on Financial Assistance to Incorporated Organisations and Clubs

Applications for financial assistance will be prioritised based on what the Council believes will provide the greatest overall benefit to the quality of life of the residents of the Shire of Plantagenet. Applicants will be categorised as follows in order to assist in determining priority of funding:

  1. Category 1 - Groups which can show that they are expending resources in maintaining or overseeing Shire facilities or equipment. Grant amount will consider savings to the Council as a result of the Group’s activities;
  2. Category 2 – Groups which undertake tourism and economic development activities which have a positive economic benefit to the Shire. Grant amounts will consider the scope of economic benefits provided; and
  3. Category 3 - All other applications, which should focus on provision of equipment; not administration or general operational costs.

Terms and Conditions upon acceptance of a Grant

  1. The grantee is required to complete and submit an acquittal to the Shire of Plantagenet of the grant funding provided. (ie: a financial statement identifying all revenue and expenditure incurred on the project certified by the president of the applicant or any other form, information or supporting original documentation as required by the Council).
  2. Acknowledgment of the Shire’s contribution must be made in an appropriate manner in a form acceptable to the Shire. (ie: the Shire of Plantagenet expects to be noted as sponsor in any advertising or promotional material in relation to the funded project, if the project is a building or other similar physical structure a plaque to be mounted in recognition of the Shire’s contribution, signs erected in relation to the project to note the Shire of Plantagenet as sponsor, etc).
  3. The grantee must use the grant funds within the relevant grant application financial year.
  4. The grantee will provide to the Shire of Plantagenet the required tax invoice, if the grantee organisation is registered for GST purposes.

GST and Financial Assistance Grants

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued the GSTR 2000/11 ‘Goods & Services Tax: Grants Of Financial Assistance’ which provides their rulings on grants of financial assistance and funding. A copy of this ruling may be found on the ATO's website.

Grants made to community organisations will be subject to GST where they represent consideration for a taxable supply. This means that grants which are subject to GST will need to be ‘grossed up’ by 10%, otherwise the grantee will have an effective reduction in funding. The grantee will be required to remit 1/11th of the grant to the ATO as GST and should be entitled to claim the input tax credits related to expenditure incurred. If a grantee is not registered, or not required to be registered, then no GST will be payable on the supply, however withholding tax may apply which would reduce the available amount of the grant.

Applicants are encouraged to obtain an ABN to avoid withholding tax difficulties.

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