Sporting Clubs


Kendenup Country Club

The Kendenup Country Club is situated on Shire land amongst the Kendenup Golf Course on the outskirts of the Kendenup townsite. The Kendenup Country Club is currently used as the Clubhouse for Tennis, Golf and Cricket. The facility is also used for meetings, fundraisers and social occasions.

Country Club Country Club 2

West Plantagenet Pony Club

The Club is one of the oldest in the Great Southern and during the past five decades members have competed at the highest level including Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Games. Most recently representing Australia with current member, Victoria Squire, competing at the Tetrathlon in Perth. The Tetrathlon is a combination of Horse riding, swimming, running and shooting.

In 1965 the club moved to Martagallup School Reserve and still uses these grounds today.

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West Plantagenet Pony Club Celebrating 50 years


Mount Barker

Mount Barker Bowls and Sporting Club

The Mount Barker Bowls and Sporting Club (established in 1945) is located on Lowood Road, Mount Barker, near Sounness Park. Facilities include 2 outdoor synthetic carpet bowling greens and function area/clubroom with bar facilities, kitchen and a committee room.

The primary use for this facility is playing outdoor bowls, but also caters for other sports including indoor bowls, pool and darts. The facilities are utilised as a clubhouse, for meetings and for private functions.

Bowling Club Bowling Club 2

Mount Barker Golf Club

The Mount Barker Golf Club was established in 1932. The facilities are located approximately 5km south of Mount Barker on Albany Highway and include a well maintained 18 hole golf course, 2 outdoor synthetic carpet bowling greens and clubhouse with bar facilities and kitchen.


Mount Barker Pistol Range

The Mount Barker Pistol Range is located on the outskirts of Mount Barker, towards Porongurup, in the same precinct as the Mount Barker Rifle Range. Facilities include the pistol range with shelter and toilets are located close by.


Mount Barker Rifle Range

The Mount Barker Rifle Range is located on the outskirts of Mount Barker, towards Porongurup. Facilities include the rifle range, toilets and a clubhouse with bar area.


Mount Barker Speedway

The Mount Barker Speedway is located on the outskirts of Mount Barker, towards Porongurup. The facilities are managed by the Mount Barker Speedway Club.

Facilities include the track, pits, toilets, recently upgraded canteen area with bar, shade shelter, commentators' box, shaded play area, generator shed and water truck shed.


Mount Barker Tennis Club

The Mount Barker Tennis courts are located adjacent to the Sounness Park precinct. There are six courts that have been resurfaced in the past few years, court lighting and surrounding fencing. A purpose-built clubhouse is located near the courts, which ensures shelter facilities are available. Public toilet facilities are also available nearby.


Plantagenet Sporting Club

The Plantagenet Sporting Club is located at the Sounness Park precinct on McDonald Avenue adjacent to the Tennis Courts and Community Resource Centre. The facilities at Sounness Park are managed by the Plantagenet Sporting Club.

The grounds infrastructure includes:

  • Reticulated football, cricket and soccer ovals

  • Cricket nets

  • Synthetic hockey field

  • Childrens playground

  • Public toilets and;

  • Central clubhouse and change rooms available for hire

The facilities are currently utilised by:

  • Mt Barker Cricket Club

  • Mount Barker Bulls Football Club

  • Mt Barker Hockey Club

  • Mount Barker United Soccer Club

 Club House Sounness Park


Narpanup Golf Course

The Napanup Golf Course is located approximately 10km north of Mount Barker on Albany Highway. The facilities include a golf course with a clubhouse and bar area.

Narpanup Golf Course


Narrikup Oval

Narrikup is located 20 km south of Mount Barker towards Albany. Narrikup oval, off Hannan Way, is the location of the Narrikup Combined Sporting Club. The club currently hosts cricket and a radio control aircraft flying zone.

Narrikup Oval

Radio Contol Aircraft Flying Zone - Narrikup Oval

The Shire has approved Narrikup Oval for the operation of Radio Controlled Aircraft under the following conditions:

1. The pilot must be a full and current member of either of the below organisations for Public Liability Insurance purposes.

The Australian Miniature Aerosports Society

The Model Aeronautical Association of Australia

2. The pilot must be a paid and current member of Narrikup Cricket Club, (Social Club) as the Narrikup Cricket Club maintains the oval. As of 2013, the cost is $40.00 per person. Contact Aldo Lionetti on 0427 532 053 for further information.

3. The pilot must abide by Advisory Circular 101-3 - Civil Aviation Safety Authority July 2002, Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets Model Aircraft.

4. The pilot must place a sign at the oval entrance warning the public of the activity.

5. The pilot must not operate whilst any prior organised activity is being held at the oval.