Air It, Fix It, Ride It!

Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at 10:08:33 AM

Travelling along Lowood Road recently you may have noticed the brand new shared pathway going past Wilson Park towards the southern end of town. Flat, clear and smooth with crossing ramps, we have already seen lots of people out walking and cycling their way through Town for recreation and to access local businesses!

Did you notice something else nearby? Sitting next to the new path, close to the entry of Wilson Park, near the picnic facilities is something exciting – a bright blue community bike repair station. Thanks to generous grant funding from the Department of Transport’s Western Australian Bicycle Network Grant Program, the Shire of Plantagenet has been able to install the first Cycla Fixit (or bike repair station) in the Shire.


The repair station includes retractable tools such as hex keys, screwdrivers, wrenches, and tyre levers. It also features a bike stand that conveniently holds the bike above ground level allowing the pedals and wheels to spin freely while repairs are undertaken. The bike repair station will allow riders to complete on-the-go maintenance and repairs, ensuring they can safely reach their destination on any given day. Whether your tyres are a little flat, or your chain has dislodged, there is a multitude of tools available to assist people to get back on their bikes and keep moving along.

For bike maintenance support and instructions on how to use the tools provided scan the QR code located on the bike maintenance station - or visit Fit It online videos

 This project originated from a grant and supports Council’s endeavours to create a cycle friendly Shire that is well connected, user-friendly and inclusive. If you have any tips or suggestions on how to improve our shared paths or hot spots where future bike maintenance station should be installed, we want to hear from you! To provide your feedback, contact us at or call 9892 1111

The installation of cycling infrastructure is proudly supported by the Department of Transport and Shire of Plantagenet.

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