Art Set To Shine

Published on Monday, 6 December 2021 at 3:44:48 PM

Art Set to Shine

Possibly unknown to many, the Shire of Plantagenet owns a fairly large collection of art works, a total of 93 paintings. The collection was founded in 1956 through a significant bequest of over 40 artworks from Sir Claude Hotchin. Over the years Hotchin continued to donate artworks. The last discernible gift being in 1972. The total number of works gifted to the Shire is 56.

Other works were acquired by the Shire on an ad-hoc basis until the establishment of the annual Shire of Plantagenet Art Acquisition in 1991.

The Shire of Plantagenet collection contains many important works by renowned 20th century, Australian and Western Australian artists that make it one of the most significant local government art collections in Western Australia. Notable artists in the collection include Kathleen O’Connor, Sir John William Ashton, Guy Grey-Smith, Arthur Boyd and Elizabeth Durack.

The people of the Shire of Plantagenet are very fortunate to have such a fine art collection. It remains a testament to Claude Hotchin's vision in bringing such quality artworks to the people of regional Western Australia.

The value of this significant collection is over $250,000 which reflects the commitment by the Shire to be the caretakers of art assets for community benefit. Thirty paintings are currently displayed at the library, 21 paintings are on loan to the CRC where they are displayed in public spaces, and two are on display at the Shire Administration building.

The remaining paintings are mainly in storage due to a lack of suitable space to display the more valuable pieces in the collection. However, luckily photographs of all pieces can be viewed on the Shire’s website and recently the entire collection was photographed by a professional photographer to enable higher quality pictures to be placed on the Shire’s website and used for other promotional purposes.

The Shire looks forward to sharing the art collection images more widely in the future and encourages all members of our community and visitors alike to view the valued artworks. Visit the Shire Website at for more information.

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