Personal Medical Waste is NOT to be Recycled

Published on Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 9:41:17 AM

Cleanaway have notified us of the occurrence of personal medical waste being found in household Co-mingled recycling bins.


Medical waste is classified as Hazardous Waste and is not recyclable.


Personal medical waste such as needles, vials and catheters should never be placed in co-mingled recycle bins. Cleanaway collects our recycling and then takes it to the Albany Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is sorted, by hand, into different items types. Incorrectly placing personal medical waste in the recycle bin can be a risk to the health and safety of those sorting at the MRF. Medical waste can also be harmful to the environment.


For safety’s sake please DO NOT dispose of personal medical waste in your recycling bin.

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