Plantagenet Shire Makes The Switch To Renewables

Published on Thursday, 25 November 2021 at 8:23:34 AM

The Shire of Plantagenet is making the switch to purchasing power from 100% renewable sources commencing March 2022. The Shire of Plantagenet is one of 51 early adopters of the Energy Sustainability and Renewables Tender, a project managed by the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA).


The project has reached a critical size to collectively deliver an immediate saving estimated at $5 million per annum from current electricity spend to Western Australian Local Governments. The collaboration with 51 other Local Governments will deliver a more affordable option to obtain renewable energy and represents the most cost- effective, Western Australian-sourced method for Local Governments to reduce carbon emissions.


WALGA CEO Nick Sloan said the project will assist in meeting the renewable energy and carbon reduction targets set into policy at the Local, State and Federal levels of Government. The sector is in a unique position to lead the sustainability charge in Western Australia by adopting locally sourced renewable energy derived from Albany Wind Farm, Collgar Wind Farm and Emu Downs Wind Farm. A complete renewable adoption from the Sector is the carbon reduction equivalent to planting 14 million new trees.


“By collaborating, aggregating, and aligning the energy, renewable and carbon spending, the local government sector under this project has positioned itself as a leading industry sector to achieve net zero energy policy targets”


Shire President Chris Pavlovich said the Shire of Plantagenet has always been an early adopter in the renewable energy and sustainability space having been one of the first regional local governments to source renewable energy for its Shire buildings; to purchase electric vehicles and install electric car charging points; to install solar heating at the aquatic centre and to capture and re-use water on council facilities.


“This new supply agreement will now mean that our Administration Building, our Library, the Regional Saleyards, Swimming Pool and Sounness Park Sporting Facilities will all be powered by 100% renewable energy sources, whilst saving rate payers a minimum $12,000 over a three year period” he said.

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