Plantagenet Trails Masterplan 2019

Published on Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 3:25:04 PM

Plantagenet Trails Masterplan 2019

Please click here for the update to the 2006 Plantagenet Trails Masterplan.

The plan incorporates the findings of the Plantagenet Trails Working Group, a Council-run committee with councillor, staff and local stakeholder representatives, and feedback received from public comments.

This is a concept document and does not authorise any of the potential trails to be developed any further – there would be considerable other public and stakeholder consultation in order to progress any of the potential projects.

The Plantagenet Trails Masterplan 2019 is intended as a companion document to the Great Southern Regional Trails Masterplan 2020-2029, which will be released in the next month.

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