Recognition of long-tenured employee service with the Shire

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 10:50:07 AM

Plantagenet Shire Works Supervisor, Barry Hinds, commemorated a hallmark 30 years of service with the Shire at a celebration presentation and afternoon tea held at the depot on 10 July.

Barry has established himself as a valuable resource within the organisation, with his vast knowledge of all thing’s roads, drains and any other areas within Plantagenet works and services.

This event was well attended by Councillors and staff with a presentation of a plaque and gift in recognition of Barry’s contribution, not only to the Shire, but the greater community of Plantagenet.  Although Barry is a man of few words when it comes to speeches, Works and Services Executive Manager Kevin Hemmings, President Cr Len Handasyde and Deputy President Cr Ken Clements all expressed high praise for Barry’s extensive commitment.  

Cr Handasyde noted that “..positive prolonged contributions from staff plays a significant role towards achieving a great culture and good capacity in an organisation; with the ability to deliver outcomes to the community in a timely and cost effective manner. Barry has been involved for a long time in the Works and Services section and has contributed so well.”

We thank Barry’s wife Daphne for getting Barry there as he proved to be somewhat of a reluctant celebrity.

Barry, we raise a large can of Pepsi to you and thank you for your dedicated service!

Shire Building Surveying Practitioner Technician and Administration Officer, Cobie MacLean, celebrated 20 years of service with the Shire on 14 June 2024.  Cobie’s achievement was recognised with a presentation afternoon tea, attended by Councillors and colleagues, on 11 June 2024.


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