Shire Farewells CEO

Published on Monday, 10 August 2020 at 12:23:45 PM

Shire Farewells CEO


At a function held Friday 31 July at Henderson and Hwang, well-wishers farewelled long-standing CEO Rob Stewart.

The outgoing CEO has served the Community since July 2001, under three Shire Presidents. Each of those Shire Presidents was in attendance and each spoke of their experiences with Rob.

Kevin Forbes AM spoke of the Council’s search for a new CEO in 2001, not realising that their search was going to result in their choice at the time still being the CEO nearly two decades later. He spoke of the need for proper planning and administration if the Shire was going to undertake the capital infrastructure projects that had been considered, but acted upon.

Cr Ken Clements then spoke, noting how he was a Councillor at the time Rob was appointed. He said that Rob had turned out ‘OK’, but needed a bit of time acclimatising to the ways of Plantagenet. Subsequently, Ken became Shire President and worked closely with Rob, continuing the mission of the Shire to create a vibrant Plantagenet district where people would want to come and live and work.

Current Shire President, Cr Chris Pavlovich, noted that he and Rob often disagreed on ‘tactics’ to achieve desired outcomes, but that the outcomes were always shared visions.

Rob spoke about his 19 years as CEO with a number of anecdotes thrown in.

He noted the desire of the Shire from day one to plan and provide the best possible facilities and services for the people of Plantagenet. He also spoke of the trust that was developed between Councillors and the CEO, enabling plans to become reality.

The redevelopment of Lowood Road, construction of the Medical Centre, purchase of the Cattle Saleyards and construction of new Civic buildings were all mentioned.

In closing, he wished Acting CEO Paul Sheedy all the best and noted how the Council was still planning major capital infrastructure projects, including Mount Barker Hill and the Memorial Swimming Pool. The Plantagenet community is definitely in good hands.

Rob and Alison plan to move back to Perth to be closer to grandchildren.

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