Shire President Message COVID-19

Published on Thursday, 9 April 2020 at 10:36:00 AM

You will already be aware that the COVID-19 virus is from the group of viruses that cause the common cold and influenza and other respiratory illnesses. It can, however, be contagious prior to symptoms appearing. It is spread via respiratory droplets and can live on inanimate objects for up to three days.

For most people who become infected the symptoms will be mild, will not require medical attention and may be likened to the common cold.  For one in five the symptoms will be worse and will require medical attention.  An even smaller number will require ICU treatment and are at risk of dying.

The Shire is receiving information daily from various peak and government bodies. Remember though that your most effective personal protection consists of hand-washing with soap, despite the rush on alcohol based hand sanitisers.

If you meet the above wash-your-hands-now criteria but can't get to soap and water, carry an alcohol-based gel in your handbag or pocket to use.

The reality is that COVID-19 may infect up to one in five Australians.  This virus is likely to be around in our communities for a while, but for the majority of people it will not be an issue. 

You may like to look at as it contains up to date information.

The disruption to our community is an issue and we will be doing our best to maintain our services in order to minimise this disruption.

Our website has links for other information.

Please look out for your friends, family and neighbours who may need support.

Chris Pavlovich



State Government 13-COVID Hotline

The State Government has established a Hotline to help answer

questions West Australians have on the current COVID-19 state of emergency.

The hotline is now operational, the number is 13 26 843 or 13-COVID.

The hotline will operate from 7am in the morning until 10pm at night, 7 days a week. 

 It includes pre-recorded information, direction to appropriate websites,

 as well as direction to call centres for specific information.

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