Water Supply in a Bushfire

Published on Tuesday, 3 December 2019 at 3:24:00 PM

If you plan to stay and defend your home you must have an INDEPENDENT water supply and pumping capability. Scheme water may not be available due to damaged infrastructure and cuts to electricity. Experience shows that when there is extreme demand water supply and pressure are at risk.

Water Corporation makes preparation for the bushfire season to cope with extreme conditions. Despite these efforts, it is likely there will be a reduction in water pressure, and scheme water supply tanks may run dry in the event of fire.

Use the Department of Fire & Emergency Services resources to develop a bushfire survival plan that is suitable for your family and personal situation: You can find more information online at: DFES Fire plan

To support bushfire plans, people with groundwater bores and surface water access can take and store emergency water without it counting against their entitlements. For more information on this and for the location of emergency bushfire water supplies in dryland agricultural areas visit the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's website.

Drinking water We recommend you keep a supply of drinking water available throughout summer in case your water supply is interrupted.

Assistance for customers affected by bushfire After a bushfire we are able to assist you with issues such as damaged water meters and payment difficulties. If you have been affected by bushfire please call us on 13 13 85.

The Emergency WA website provides emergency information and community safety warnings. Call 000 in a life threatening emergency or the SES 132 500 for emergency assistance.

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