Published on Tuesday, 19 July 2022 at 9:47:42 AM

The Works and Services Team have completed a drainage improvement program around the centre of Kendenup. All drains have been cleared of sediment, leaves and general detritus, increasing the capacity of the drain and its ability to convey water. Culverts/pipes will also be cleared using a water jet in the coming weeks. Kendenup is the first town to benefit from the drainage improvement program. The program will extend more widely in Kendenup once the Works and Services Team have been able to complete a similar standard of work in the other town centres across the Shire.

The winter grading program is ahead of schedule with approximately 70% of the gravel roads in the Shire having been completed already. The works and Services Team are working through the gravel roads in a logical manner. There are still gravel roads to the far east of the Shire, and between Mount Barker and Rocky Gully that require grading; however the majority of gravel roads have received their first grade.

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