Youth Skills Workshop Winter Winner

Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at 9:30:56 AM

Youth Skills Workshop – Buying a Car and Basic Maintenance

 The winter weather put on a strong showing, but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the participants at the Youth Skills Workshop on Buying a Second Hand Car and Basic Maintenance. This was the second event planned and delivered by the Plantagenet Youth Advisory Group, the passionate change making volunteers that are working for a positive future for the youth of our community. 

In partnership with WALGA Roadwise, Mount Barker Community College, Shire of Plantagenet and the generous volunteer time of local retired mechanic Peter Tippett, the participants were given a hands-on demonstration in basic car maintenance. These skills will give them a lifetime of practical knowledge, including how to change a tyre, check the oil, water and tyre safety checks before hitting the road.

The group was given great advice on how to spend wisely on a first car, what safety features to look for and things to avoid. Wrapped up with a well-deserved warming afternoon tea the event left the youth participants excited for their future ahead on the roads armed with the skills and knowledge to arrive and travel safely in their new cars.

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