Kendenup Little Library

published on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

Kendenup Little Library


Tucked into the new play area between the Hall and the Store is Kendenup’s very own Little Library. Gifted to Mount Barker Community Library by the WA branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, it is designed to offer a 24 hour access to free books and DVDs.


The concept is simple: borrow, return or pass on. People can add books or DVDs they have enjoyed.


Whilst the Little Library was organised as a Public Library initiative, it is more a place where the community can enjoy a book and DVD exchange that suits its needs. ‘No fines, we promise’, says librarian Kathryn Dye. A volunteer will be keeping an eye on the supply for a while to ensure that there is a range of good quality items for people of all ages to enjoy. Six year old Scarlett has already demanded some ‘Books for me, please’.


Special thanks to the Plantagenet Men’s Shed for painting, the Shire for installing, and the Book Council for caring. Contact the library if you find yourself wanting more.



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