Roadside Mulching Carbarup and Porongurup Roads

published on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 at 9:25:08 AM

Roadside Mulching

Carbarup and Porongurup Roads


As part of its 2020/2021 road construction and maintenance program, the Shire of Plantagenet has engaged a contractor to mulch vegetation on the road verges of sections of Carbarup and Porongurup Roads.


It is anticipated works to mulch Carbarup Road from the railway crossing south to the Woogenellup Road intersection will commence in the week of Monday 18 January 2021.   The mulching may take 10 to 16 days to complete both sides of the road.


Mulching of Porongurup Road from Mount Barker townsite to just west of the Porongurup shop will follow starting in early to mid-February and taking between 35 to 50 days to complete.


Work will take place between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm and traffic control will be in place at all times.  Traffic lights and a traffic controller will be on site with the possibility of delays up to 15 minutes.


Local business and relevant authorities have been contacted to advise of the works. David Lynch, Executive Manager Works and Services stated, ‘Mulching of both these sections of roads is well overdue.  Once completed, visibility along both roads will be significantly improved as will the safety of both vehicles and motorists.’


As always, the Shire appreciates residents’ and motorists’ understanding and patience during the mulching works.


If you would like further information, please call the Works and Services Department at the Shire of Plantagenet on (08) 9892 1111.



Paul Sheedy


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