04/05/2018 10:47 AM

Four months ago (1 January 2018) China stopped taking certain waste products from Australia and other countries.  This ban included co-mingled recyclable materials that are collected in the household recycling bins. 

All co-mingled recycling material in the local councils of Albany, Denmark and Plantagenet are collected by Cleanaway and sorted into categories at the Albany Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located at Hanrahan Road.  From Albany these bales are then transported to the Cleanaway MRF in Bayswater and sold on the open market around the world, where they are made into new consumables.

Whilst China was one of the overseas markets that Cleanaway sold bales to, it is not the only one.  Other countries that buy bales of recyclable products from Cleanaway include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.  So whilst the recent decision by China has affected the prices that Cleanaway receive for their product it has not affected the ability of Cleanaway to sell the bales.



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