Community Grants

Each year, the Council makes an allocation towards local community and sporting groups. These are then assessed during the Council's annual budget process. Please refer to the following Council policy which includes the criteria for assessing applications.

Financial Assistance (Operating) to Organisations, Clubs & Individuals

General Information for Applicants

The Community Grants Scheme for 2023/2024 has now closed.

Requests for new buildings and capital works on existing Shire buildings

Please do not use the Operating Grants form for applications for financial assistance that relate to new buildings or capital improvements on existing Shire buildings. The Shire has developed the following policies to guide such developments:

Council Policy I/B/1 Capital Works - New and Existing Community Buildings

Council Policy CS/CFGF/1 - Community Capital Assistance Grants

Together, these policies provide a guide where capital works on a Shire building are proposed by a lessee or a community group proposes a new building on Council controlled property. They also aim to provide an equitable and transparent framework for the assessment and ranking of capital grants for Shire community and sport and recreation facilities.

Please contact Manager Community and Recreation Services on 9892 1158 or [email protected] for further information or assistance.

Not-for-profit organisations that lease a Shire building and provide a community service benefit

The Council has adopted a policy which provides for organisations deemed an ‘Endorsed Community Service Organisation’ (ECSO) to be eligible for an annual subsidy, to be determined by the Council, subject to an abridged annual application process.

Council Policy CS/DG/3 - Endorsed Community Service Organisations provides guidance on:

  1. The process for a community group becoming an Endorsed Community Service Organisation.
  2. The process and conditions for an Endorsed Community Service Organisation to access annual financial assistance.

Please review this policy to see if your organisation qualifies.

Click here for the application form Please download the form PDF to your PC. From there, fill in the form fields and send back to the Shire by email or print it out and complete manually.

Funding Opportunities for Community Organisations and Clubs

The links below offer a wide range of grant opportunities for community organisations and clubs:

The Great Southern Development Commission maintains a Grants Register that provides links to many agencies and organisations offering funding opportunities.

Lotterywest supports a wide variety of not-for-profit, community-based proposals that enhance the lives of West Australians.

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal: The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) has been established as a partnership between philanthropy, governments and business to stimulate rural and regional renewal in Australia. Funding is available for projects that meet FRRR guidelines and achieve significant results for people living within rural and regional Australia.

GrantGuru is a searchable database of grants available in Australia.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Contact the Community Development Officer on 9892 1111 or email [email protected]