Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies (LPP's) (formerly known as Town Planning Policies (TPP's)), set out specific rules for particular development types. They are used by the Shire in assessing and making decisions on planning applications. The Shire is currently going through a revision of all Planning Policies to ensure their consistently with State planning policies and current community needs.

Access the list of all relevant LPP's and TPP's adopted under Local Planning Scheme No. 5 below: 

Structure Plans

What is a Structure Plan?

A structure plan illustrates the proposed structure and layout of a future development area.

The preparation of a structure plan is one of the first steps in progressing proposals for the development of new urban areas. In addition to illustrating details such as road configuration and the location of retail and community facilities such as shops, schools and public open space, a structure plan can show details such as housing density, land use classifications and buffer zones.

A structure plan can be prepared for a variety of planning purposes, but is generally done to indicate the way in which an area is proposed for development, as well as providing a broad framework to guide the Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals.

The Shire's Structure Plans can be assessed here on the Western Australian State Government website.