Shire of Plantagenet Managers

Manager - Greg Moore 0407 197 717
Assistant Manager - Erika Henderson
08 9851 2444 08 9851 2455
[email protected]
PO Box 48, Mount Barker, WA, 6324
32416 Albany Highway, Mount Barker, WA, 6324


Throughout the year, Prime Sales are held each Thursday at 10am. During the Weaner season (Dec-Feb) the Thursday Weaner Sale Non Curfew commences at 11am and the Friday Curfewed Trade Sales commence at 9am.

Summer Curfew hours are 1st October to 30th April. Winter Curfew hours are 1 May to 30 September. Cattle must be here by 6pm Wednesday for the Prime sale starting Thursday 10am. Padlocks will go on unless arrangements have been made with the Saleyards Manager. Weaner Sales cattle must be here by Wednesday 6pm for the 11am Thursday sale. Cattle nominated for Friday's curfewed trade sale must be here by 6pm Thursday. The Friday sale commences at 9am.

The Saleyards are located 6 Km South of Mount Barker on Albany Highway.

Triple Sales Each Week During December and January.
Private Sales can be arranged by contacting the Manager. These Sales may be held on any day of the week other than scheduled Sale days.

Selling Agents:        


These are MSA accredited facility and comply with all Worksafe and Animal Welfare regulations.

Harvey Beef Gate to Plate Challenge

A competition for beef producers which assesses cattle performance through the grain-fed, MSA graded, domestic supply chain in Western Australia.
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