Rates and Payments

Payment Methods

Payments will be accepted via the following:

  • By Mail to P.O. Box 48, Mount Barker, 6324.
  • By Telephone using Mastercard or Visa by telephoning 1300 276 468. Quote Biller ID 000225 and use the reference number from the rear of your rates notice as reference.
  • In Person to the Shire Administration Office, Lowood Road, Mount Barker
  • BPay: Please contact your financial institution to make payment using your debit card.
    Quote Biller Code 93211 and use the reference number from the rear of your rates notice as reference.
  • By the Bpoint internet payment facility with a Mastercard or Visa Card. Please click here and use the reference number from the rear of your rates notice in the Customer Reference Number field.

If you have any problems making payment please contact the Shire Administration Office on 9892 1111.

Request to Receive Rates Notices via Email

Please click here to enter your details to have your original rates notice sent by email, instead of being posted.

For those people that receive their rates notices by email, attention is drawn to the following publications which would normally be included in the rates notice envelope:

2022/2023 Annual Bushfire Mitigation Notice

2022/2023 Recycling Calendar

Emergency Services Levy flyer

Rates Instalment Options

All rates and charges are due and payable in 35 days from the date of issue of the original rates notice, unless an election to pay by instalments is made. Ratepayers can choose between a two or four instalment plan. Any arrears from the previous financial year are included in the first instalment and must be paid to be accepted into an instalment plan.

When payment is elected to be made by instalments, the first rates instalment is due and payable 35 days from the date of issue of the original notice.

Due dates are as follows:

Two Instalment Option

  • Original Rates Notice Issued 8 August 2022
  • First Instalment Due 13 September 2022
  • Second Instalment Due 16 January 2023

Four Instalment Option

  • Original Rates Notice Issued 8 August 2022
  • First Instalment Due 13 September 2022
  • Second Instalment Due 14 November 2022
  • Third Instalment Due 16 January 2023
  • Fourth Instalment Due 20 March 2023

An administration fee of $7.50 per instalment reminder notice (i.e. second, third and fourth instalment) is payable when electing to pay by instalments.

7% per annum simple interest is charged on all outstanding rates and charges, and 7% for ESL, that remain unpaid after the due date of the respective instalment reminder.

Eligible Pensioners are exempt from being charged interest on deferred rates and current rates.

Incentive Scheme

As an incentive to pay the total rates in full on or before the due date, three separate prizes are offered.

First prize will be a $750 savings account with the Bendigo Community Bank. Second prize is a two night weekend stay for two people including full buffet breakfast each morning, at the Perth Ambassador Hotel in a premium deluxe room. Third prize is a selection of mixed wines from the local Wine Producers Association.

Late Payment Penalty

Simple interest (charges daily) will be charged on all outstanding rates which remain unpaid after 35 days from the date of issue of the rates notice, and will continue to accrue until the day before the payment is made. The rate of interest on outstanding rates is 7%. Pensioners are excluded from this penalty interest charge. Late payment penalty interest also applies to the refuse site rate, rubbish collection charges, and legal expenses, and 7% will be charged for ESL.

What are Council Rates?

Local government rates are a charge on your property based upon its Gross Rental Value or Unimproved Value. The rates are calculated by multiplying a rate in the dollar (set by the Council) by your property valuation. The valuation is set by the State Government Office of the Valuer General.

The Council sets the rate in the dollar as part of each year's budget deliberation process. It is based on the Shire's expenditure requirements offset by other forms of income such as government grants and fees. Rates pay for facilities and services provided by the Council including road construction and maintenance, libraries, halls, recreation facilities, parks and reserves etc.

The valuation of your property is assessed by the State Government Valuer General's Office using the following methods:

  • Unimproved Value (UV) is used for farming and horticultural properties. This valuation is based on the unimproved capital value of the land.
  • Gross Rental Value (GRV) is used for all other properties. The valuation is based on a theoretical annual rental value should the property be rented to a third party. If the land is vacant, the Valuer General's Office will base the valuation on 5 per cent of the capital value.

The Council sets a minimum rate for all properties to ensure that affected property owners contribute an equitable and realistic level of rates to the maintenance of services provided by the Shire.

For further information on the calculation of rateable values, click here to visit the Valuation Services website.

Objecting to your Valuation

An objection to your valuation may be made within 60 days of the date of issue of the rates notice. Objection forms can be downloaded here.

Rubbish Collection Charge

A rubbish collection charge is also payable for each property which is serviced by the kerbside refuse collection. You must pay the rubbish charge if you have a residence built on your property regardless of the frequency of which you stay at the property, or place your bin out for collection. The rubbish charge is not payable on unimproved residential lots.

Who Pays Council Rates?

Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of a property. New owners and those transferring ownership do have a legal responsibility to inform the Shire when a change in ownership or the address for the service of notice occurs.

Emergency Services Levy

This is not a Local Government charge; it is simply collected by local government for DFES to cover the cost of operating the various branches of the Fire Brigade and the State Emergency Services (SES), as well as recognising the input and requirement of the Bushfire Services. The collection of this levy is undertaken by the Shire and is then passed onto the State Government.

Pensioners and Seniors Rebates

If you hold a current Pensioner or Seniors Card, are the owner or part owner of the property you live at as of 1 July of the rating year, you may be eligible for a State Government rebate of up to $750 on your rates and Emergency Services Levy. The cap for Seniors will be $100.  In order to obtain a rebate for the current financial year you must register your entitlement as soon as you receive your concession card. Registration will take effect from the date that it is received.

If you are already registered as a pensioner with the Shire, you are not required to re-register unless your concession card or circumstances have changed in any way since your last registration. You are required to notify the Council in writing when you cease to be an entitled pensioner.

For further information regarding pensioner rates concessions, please contact the Council's Rates Section on 9892 1128.

Interim Rates

You may receive an interim rates notice at any time of the year if you make building improvements on your property, subdivide or demolish a building on your property.