Community Grants

Each year, the Council makes an allocation towards local community and sporting groups. These are then assessed during the Council's annual budget process. Please refer to the following Council policy which includes the criteria for assessing applications.

Financial Assistance (Operating) to Organisations, Clubs & Individuals

General Information for Applicants

The Financial Assistance Grants Program for incorporated clubs and community organisations is now open. The closing date for applications for the 2021/2022 budget is Thursday 8 April 2021.

The method of submitting applications is a PDF application form, which can be downloaded here. Please right click and save the file to your PC if you intend to email it. Alternatively, print it out if you intend to hand write your application.

Please complete and submit this form to the Shire by the due date. All applications must be complete in order to be considered.

Late applications or applications which do not include a copy of recent financial statements, (preferably an audited financial report), will not be considered by the Council.

Financial assistance grants will not be provided for projects that are underway or completed.

Please attach the following to this application:

  • Any additional information that you believe will assist this application;
  •  A copy of the audited financial statements for your organisation for the last financial year. If these are not available, the minimum requirement is the organisation’s most recent profit and loss statement;
  •  Quotes that support dollar amounts of the project; and
  •  Plans or diagrams that easily illustrate your request, if applicable.

Ways to submit your application (which must be received by Thursday 8 April 2021)

  • By Email: To
  • By Post: To Shire of Plantagenet, P.O. Box 48, Mount Barker, WA, 6324.
  • In Person: To Shire of Plantagenet, 22-24 Lowood Road, Mount Barker, WA, 6324.

Please contact the Shire on 9892 1132 or email if you have any enquiries about making an application.