Mining tenements 

The following are the types of mining tenements prescribed under the Mining Act 1978:

  • Prospecting Licences (Sections 40 to 56)
  • Special Prospecting Licences for Gold (Sections 56A, 70 and 85B)
  • Exploration Licences (Sections 57 to 69E)
  • Retention Licences (Sections 70A to 70M)
  • Mining Leases (Sections 70O to 85A)
  • General Purpose Leases (Sections 86 to 90)
  • Miscellaneous Licences (Sections 91 to 94)

More information regarding Mining Tenements is available on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) website Mineral Titles Online (MTO).

View current Mining Tenements via the State’s interactive geological map ( on the following website GeoVIEW (