Change of Use Approval

Planning approval may be required when changing the use in buildings or land associated with retail, commercial and industrial activities. Find out how to apply for a change of use planning approval.

What is a change of use?

A change of use relates to a change made to an existing use of land and/or building and usually refers to business activities of a retail, commercial or industrial nature. You may be affected if you are setting up a new business in the Shire or moving from one premises to another.

Do all changes of use need planning approval?

Planning approval may be required when seeking to change the use of an existing building or land from one use to another. In some cases, building permit may also be required.

Apply for change of use planning approval

The Shire considers the following criteria when assessing an application for a change of use for a building or land:

  • Parking requirements under the Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS 5). Different uses have different parking requirements. For example, a ‘warehouse’ will have less parking requirement than an ‘office’.
  • Whether the proposed use is permitted, discretionary or not permitted under LPS5. Different uses have different permissibility depending on the zoning of the lot.
  • In some instances, the number of staff proposed to be working from the premises and the number of customers who will visit the building.
  • The nature of the proposal including details on the operation of the business.
  • In some instances, the hours of operation of the proposed use.

Forms, fees and application information

View the Development (Planning) Application webpage for further information on submitting a change of use application, including forms and fees.

Once planning approval is obtained, a building permit may be required if you wish to make any modifications to the building (including fit-out, partitioning etc).