Kerbside Bin Collection

Waste Collection

The Shire of Plantagenet contracts Cleanaway to operate a 120L household rubbish and a 240L recycling bin collection for the townsites of Mount Barker, Kendenup, Rocky Gully and Narrikup.

Cleanaway can be contacted on 6801 7500 for any waste or recycling enquiries.

Please click here for the 2022/2023 Recycling Calendar

Rubbish collection day in the Shire of Plantagenet is every Thursday, and Mondays for Rocky Gully.

Blue 120L household waste bins are collected weekly.
Commercial 240L rubbish bins are collected weekly.
Green 240L recycling bins are collected fortnightly and are broken up into the following zones:

  • Mount Barker EAST of Albany Highway (refer map) , Rocky Gully townsite.
  • Mount Barker WEST of Albany Highway (refer map) ,Kendenup townsite and Narrikup townsite.

For a Kerbside Waste Collection Request please click here


For more information about how to recycle right, please follow the link here.

Rubbish Bins

It is the owner/occupiers’ responsibility to purchase and maintain a wheelie rubbish bin.   The blue 120L bins must be purchased from the Shire and arrangements for payment and collection can be made by visiting the Lowood Rd Administration Offices within normal business owners.  The green 240L bins can either be purchased from the Shire or from any of the private businesses that sell such products in Albany.  Owner/occupiers are responsible for the general cleanliness and maintenance of the bin and are also responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen bins.


  • Hot ashes.
  • Building rubble.
  • Hazardous chemicals and substances.
  • Tyres.
  • Car parts.
  • Green waste.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your bin is emptied:

  • Make sure your bin is not too full or overflowing.
  • Place items loosely in the bin so that they fall out when emptied - avoid jamming items into your bin.
  • Place bins up to 1.5m from the edge of the road and if more than one bin, place them one metre apart.
  • Avoid placing bins near obstacles such as trees, power lines, awnings, eaves and vehicles.
  • Ensure the wheels of the bin face the house with the lid opening towards the road.
  • Contain all items within the bin, as no excess waste will be collected.
  • Put bins out before 5.00am on the day of collection. However, it is recommended that they are put out the evening before collection day.

Reasons your bin may not have been emptied, include:

  • The bin was too heavy or too full.
  • It may have contained inappropriate materials such as building or hazardous waste.
  • It was not placed out in time for collection.
  • The bin was not placed correctly e.g. facing the wrong way, too far away from the edge of the road or too close to another bin.
  • The bin was located near an obstruction such as trees or telephone poles .
  • Access to the bin was blocked by a vehicle.