Bush Fires Act 1954 Shire of Plantagenet Appointed Officers 2023/2024

Published on Thursday, 29 June 2023 at 3:12:17 PM

Bush Fires Act 1954 Shire of Plantagenet Appointed Officers 2023/2024

The following persons have been appointed to the designated position for the Shire of Plantagenet in accordance with the Bush Fires Act 1954.

All other appointments are hereby cancelled.

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer                                               Norm Handasyde

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer No. 1                 Iain Mackie

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer No. 2                 Bryce Skinner

Chief Fire Weather Officer                                                        Len Handasyde

Deputy Chief Fire Weather Officer                                       Graeme Pyle

Shire of Plantagenet Bush Fire Brigade

Bush Fire Control Officers

Denbarker                           Tony Griffiths, Brad Lynch, Warren Drage,

                                               Neville Lindberg, John Rodgers, Norm Handasyde

Forest Hill                            Craig Moore, Len Handasyde, Murray McLean

Kendenup                            Stephen Beech, Ken Frost, Philip Webb, Robert Baines

                                                Ben Furber, Mathew Newham

Middle Ward                         Paul Spink, Kim Stothard, Iain Mackie, Greg Sounness

                                                Andrew Mackie

Narpyn                                   Robert Wright, Michael Cave, Mark Wallace,

                                                Owen Sounness

Narrikup                                Chris Norton, Glen Forbes, Graeme Frusher,

                                                Robert Smith

Perillup                                   Dean Trotter, Thomas Riggall, Robin Ditchburn,

                                                Kieran Allison

Porongurup                        Brad Cluett, Daniel Cobain, Gerald Versluis, Tony Ward,

                                                  Alan Wise

Porongurup South           Wayne Mathews, Allan Rees, Richard Stan-Bishop,

                                                 Greg Dorrell, Jamie Stan-Bishop

Rocky Gully                          Murray Wills, Ian Higgins, Hamish Cameron

Woogenellup                      Nathan Hunt, Bryce Skinner, Stephen Adams,

                                                  Mark Adams, Kyle Pieper

South Stirlings                   Graeme Pyle, Reece Curwen, John Howard

Kojaneerup                          Ashton Hood, Scott Smith

Shire of Plantagenet        Mike Barnes, Jason Rutter

Mount Barker Volunteer

Fire & Rescue                        Ray Drage, Kevin Bransby, Dan Dale


Julian Murphy