Australia Day 2021

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Aus day 2021

Australia Day 2021

Over the past year, our nation has faced fire, flood, drought and the coronavirus pandemic.

On Australia Day 2021, we reflect on the selfless and courageous sacrifice of thousands of first responders and frontline workers who put the safety and wellbeing of others before their own.

We reflect on the resilience of communities and the spirit of helping, giving and supporting that defines us as Australians.

We respect the stories, histories and contributions of all Australians, especially those who have given so much over the past year.

Australia Day 2021 is a day for us to celebrate and thank the first responders and frontline workers who kept going to work, so that the rest of us could stay safe at home.

On Australia Day we celebrate being Australian together.

This year in the Shire of Plantagenet we are kicking off at 8.30am at Frost Pavilion with the Rotary Club breakfast sausage sizzle. Starting at 9.00am are the Rotary & Citizen of the Year Awards, then the Citizenship Ceremonies !  Formalities will be followed by the announcement of the WINNERS of the Mount Barker Creative Doors competition!

                           -   Assisted by the National Australia Day Council

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Venue: Frost Pavilion

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  • Tuesday 26th January 2021

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